Script Your Shift™ Vision

Determine your why, set your sights, then create the scene. Clarity of vision aligns effort for increased probability of your desired outcome.

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Script Your Shift™ Strategy

Now step into character for the leading role of your success. Gather the correct cast and crew to connect and hold attention of your fans.

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Script Your Shift™ Playbook

Bring it all together in an intentional script that sets the stage, guides the action, and delivers your message for an optimal outcome in every effort.

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Script Your Shift™ Brand

Get into character. Take the leading role in your success. With consistent presence, build know, like, and trust with your audience.

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Script Your Shift™ Stand

Set your scene with star-studded presence—website, social media, brick and mortar, collateral, and more—to build your fan club and expand.

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Script Your Shift™ Command

Your award-winning performance will lead you into the spotlight and your proprietary USP will echo your expertise to rule your niche.

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Compose the most powerful words that form the message to make your first impression last. An intentional script results in greater predictability of the experience of living your goal, your dream, your life, personally and professionally.

Discover the most powerful way to express your story, stand out with your audience, get noticed, and become the chosen one — step into your celebrity spotlight in the leading role of your life.

Tamara Parisio, Strategic Wordsmith

As a strategic wordsmith, Tamara creates scripts to support the most productive outcome of every event, taking business and projects across boundaries into opportunity. Wearing many hats, Tamara brings experience from multiple industries and disciplines. This inspires inventive and innovative ideas for your project.

Tamara is an award-winning (Clio, ADDY, EFFIE, Creative Excellence) marketing, branding, and advertising executive. She has a talent for developing brands, image, and core propositions to reflect the depth of a business intention. Tamara has managed budgets for multi-million dollar brands including Mattel, Firestone, Teleflora, and Jafra. She has been creating stories for companies across industries. Tamara is a prolific writer.


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