Our Philosophy

coming soon... what drives this business and what's unique about our process... what sets our business apart from others in the same industry.

Our Story

coming soon... Every business has a beginning, and this is about ours—what opportunity we saw or how our passion led to the creation of something new... our roots--you wanna know we have some.

Meet the Team

As a strategic wordsmith, Tamara creates scripts for companies, solopreneurs/entrepreneurs and authors/speakers to support the most predictable and productive outcome of every event, taking business and projects across boundaries into opportunity. Wearing many hats, Tamara brings experience from multiple industries and disciplines. This inspires inventive and innovative ideas for your project.

Tamara is an award-winning (Clio, ADDY, EFFIE, Creative Excellence) marketing, branding, and advertising executive. She has a talent for developing brands, image, and core propositions to reflect the depth of a business intention. Tamara has managed budgets for multi-million dollar brands. Her efforts in advertising included account management for Mattel, Firestone, overseeing production of commercials in the U.S. and Canada. She has been creating stories for companies across industries. Tamara is a prolific writer.

From concept development to reframing the situation for optimal perspective, Tamara writes the most compelling script to get required results. Tamara is adept at taking assertions that are full of mean and turning them into conversations that are meaningful.

Tamara cut her teeth in the world of David Ogilvy, O&M advertising, where she honed the skill to create a buzz with award-winning work for Mattel. She also hung her hat at BBDO and Sheggeby Advertising. Spent some time in Entertainment. Cable Music Channel — production. Went on to Marketing at Teleflora (a Roll Company). Adding project management, product development, P&L, sales and promotion to the mix alongside advertising to round out her skill set and understanding.



Likes to find new and different ways to look at things.


Creative Everything Orchestrator

Always finds an interesting route to follow on the journey.



Obsessed with words—grew up on Webster Avenue.

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